Best Instagram App for Business

Using Software for Instagram Marketing

Using an Instagram app can save a ton of time and make it easier to create a successful social media campaign on Instagram.


Marketing on Instagram, or any other Social Media Site can be extremely Time Consuming.

Let’s face it, to build a successful Brand on Instagram you need to interact with other users everyday. Even though Instagram is basically a photo posting site, it allows users to “like” images and “follow” other people, making it a very social place. When it comes to using Instagram for Business, you will need to take the time to get followers who are interested in your product or services. However, it’s just not practical to spend all your time making connections on Instagram when you have a business to run.

By using a marketing app, you will save tons of time while actually becoming more active with your community/niche.

Follow adder –  Instagram Marketing App

Follow Adder is an advanced marketing software application that automatically manages all aspects of your Instagram accounts. Not only can you automate your own follows, posts, and comments, but you will also find, and automatically engage with, new followers based on their profile, to increase brand awareness and gain more targeted, active followers.

Followadder Features:
All the features you need to automate your Instagram Marketing the Right Way! Imagine all the time you’ll save by being able to set up weeks or months worth of work in a few minutes.

Here are some of the features:
•    Get more followers with automated following & unfollowing
•    Schedule posts with full automation
•    Automatic photo liking and unliking
•    Automated direct and thank you messaging
•    Manage multiple profiles at the click of a button
•    Automated photo commenting
But, that’s not all!
•    Easy Installation & Setup
•    Fully Customizable Options
•    White List – Ensure these profiles are never unfollowed
•    Black List – Never follows these profiles
•    Full User Info
•    Follow Back Users who have followed you
•    Create, import, export customizable lists
•    Remove Users with Default Profile Pictures
•    Ignore Users with private profiles, or default pics
•    Set time delay for automated actions
•    Get a list of any profiles’s followers to follow
•    Follow by followers, following, popular photo commenters or likers, or keyword
•    Full Overview of Multiple Account Statistics
•    Top Notch Support Service
•    Consistent Updates & New Features
•    Proxy supported
•    Use of Multi Thread HTTP Requests for increased speed
•    Full Activity Log to view all steps performed by the program
•    Full ability to visit resulting profiles for further inspection I
mport/Export ability of profile lists, and direct messages
•    Prompt Customer Support

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