How To Get Real Instagram Followers Free

How To Get Free Instagram Followers

followers-instagramIt seems that everyone on instagram wants more followers. Just do a search on YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of videos about this subject. However, these tricks and hacks will only get you random instagrammers that could care less about your niche or product.
Don’t waste your money buying followers – they are usually either fake or inactive users that wont comment or like your posts.
I’m sure you’ve seen sites that promise Free Instagram Followers. What they don’t tell you is that you need to spend hours taking surveys to get them. Again, these people have no interest in your business.

You need Real Targeted Followers

Only by getting people that have a genuine interest in your niche will you be able to increase your brand’s visibility and more importantly, get more sales.
Tip – Follow users of relevant accounts – Followadder makes it easy to find and follow users of accounts that are in your niche.
You can search by #Hashtags, Usernames, Photos, and Comments.
Keep in touch with your new followers with automated Direct Messages and Thank You Messages.
Meanwhile, you’ll stay active with Scheduled Automated Photo Posting, Commenting, and Liking.

More Followers on Instagram

For instance:
• Link your social media accounts so they each boost each other (have a consistent brand identity across them all)
• Add your Instagram to your website with a sidebar widget.
• Use hashtags that people will search for – try local!
• Run contests, caption competitions and promotions.
• Use influencer marketing – try to get big bloggers and webmasters to share your content with their own followers.
• Use location tags and local hashtags!
• Tag people you meet in the real world!
• If people come into your store, encourage them to engage on ig!
• Encourage people to take photos and tag you, or to take photos using your product / promotional items.


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