Instagram Marketing Tips – Best Practices

Great Tips For Marketing on Instagram

IG-MarketingJust like any other social media platform, using Instagram for marketing requires some creative thinking. Instagram Marketing is a bit different because you have to tell your business’ story in pictures. The quality of your pics have a Direct Impact on how popular your profile will get.

You will want to stay away from the traditional commercial content that you have used in the past and rethink your whole Marketing Strategy. Your content needs to grab their attention long enough to get your message across. Give your followers a sneak peek into your business and especially your employees to “put a face” on your Brand. Your main objective while Marketing on Instagram is increasing your visibility. Obviously, the more followers you have , the more reach you will get.

Important, although your main objective is to have people buy your product or service, you wont be doing any direct selling on IG. Your profile is used only to bring attention to your Brand by becoming popular. Most importantly, have fun with it!
Marketing with Instagram is about showing the beauty in every day moments and
activities. For your company that means showing the beauty in your products and showing your services in a way that makes them look desirable.
What is the lifestyle you are promoting? What is the ethos? What do people get by following your brand? Whether that’s amazing travel, delicious food, or health, fitness and fashion – that’s what your images should portray!

What Makes Great Content On IG

Unlike other Social Media, content on Instagram is all about photo’s.


So, your images should convey the feel of your brand as mentioned above.

Try these photography tips:
• Upload pictures at regular intervals, not all at one time. This will keep them more visible.
• Stay ‘on point’ in your niche.
• Use filters but don’t overdo them.
• Tell a story with your pictures.
• Provide tips and value wherever possible.
• Think about depth and lighting.
• Use Pixlr to get access to more effects!
• Use Lapse It to create great time lapse videos.
• Look for stock images or create memes when you’re low on content!

More “How To” Tips on how to edit your Instagram Pics to get more likes.

Using Hashtags On Instagram

Using hashtags is essential to getting exposure for your posts. It’s the way things are categorized on Instagram. When someone does a search, any post containing that hashtag will come up. By using popular or trending hashtags, you could receive many more views of your post.

To find the top hashtags trending on Instagram, go to

Make sure to use the one that is most relevant to your business or niche to increase your reach.

Weekend Hashtag Project

Every Friday, Instagram announces a project for all Instagramers to work on over the weekend. You take pictures around this theme and use a specific hashtag for the project.

On Monday morning, a collection of the best posts are listed at

Participating in these projects can bring more attention to your account.

Creating a Community on Instagram

Just like any other social media platform, it’s important to “network” within your niche community. One of the easiest ways to do this is by following influential members whose posts relate to you business.

Make sure to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your profile. This way, you can encourage those users to follow you on Instagram too while expanding the reach of your content.

Begin a conversation with like minded people by liking and commenting on their images.

Go offline and host an InstaMeets & InstaWalks event where you invite the community to meet in person and take Instagram photos and share them with a specific hashtag. You can find a list of Instagram Meetup groups at

Run a photo or video contest to promote your brand. Encourage followers to submit using a new hashtag you have created just for this campaign. Use your other social platforms to promote your contest and announce the winners for more exposure.

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